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Members enjoy unlimited access to our facility—climb, slackline, and workout anytime or all the time! In addition, members get:

  • Unlimited Yoga + Fitness classes

  • Exclusive discounts on paid clinics, workshops, and climbing competitions

  • 10% off all retail purchases in the gym, with an in-house credit account for on-the-fly snack and drink purchases.

  • One Member Guest Pass per month for friends + Bottomless Member Guest Passes for first-time climbers.*

  • Free membership for your kids under 14 years of age with our Kids Climb Free program!**

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* Due to limited capacity, and the logistical challenges presented by children under 14, we are unable to accomodate children under 14 who are not current Team Bridges members at this time.


By placing a credit card on file and committing to 4 months, Monthly Autopay members save over 25%! We bill on the 1st of each month and you get to use the gym anytime you please.

Better yet, we're waiving our $95.00 Initiation Fee now through October 31st!

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Pay for a year up front and save over 30%: we'll give you a whole month for free, plus waive your initiation fee!

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For only $105, first-time members can get:

  • Four weeks of membership

  • 20% off our Starter Gear Package

    • Climbing Shoes, Chalkbag, Chalk

  • Free Intro to Bouldering Clinic

  • No initiation fee when you rollover into Monthly Autopay before expiration

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Not ready for a commitment? Only in town for a little while?


We've got you covered with a no-commitment 30-day prepaid option.

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Just dropping in once per month, or not sure how often you'll use the gym?


With our 10 Punch Pass, you save 10% over our Day Pass pricing by buying in bulk.


10 Punch Passes also make great gifts for friends + family!

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Note: 10-Punch Passes do not come with membership benefits, and pass holders are not considered members.

Need to update billing or contact information? Terminate or freeze your membership?

Click the button below or here to fill out a Member Change Request.

​Note: We need 5 Days' notice to process Member Change Requests, and all changes go into effect on the 1st of the month, which is our billing day. Example: To update your billing information for January 1st, you must submit the form no later than the day after Christmas.


  • I’m going on vacation soon. Can I freeze my membership?

    • Monthly Autopay members can freeze their memberships for just $10/mo.

    • Prepaid Annual Members, Prepaid Promotional Members, and Team Bridges members cannot freeze their memberships.

  • Should I Freeze my membership, or Terminate my membership?

    • If you’ll be gone for up to 12 months, we recommend Freezing your membership. 

    • If you’ll be gone for more than 12 months, we recommend Terminating your membership, since paying a new Initiation Fee would be cheaper than paying for your freeze fees.

  • Can I unfreeze my membership early?

    • Yes! You can always unfreeze early by submitting a new Member Change Request online or at the gym. In cases where you’re not sure when you’ll be back, we recommend a conservative freeze end date. We offer a membership freeze of up to 12 months to accommodate your schedule.

  • It’s after the 1st, can I still Freeze or Terminate my membership for this month?

    • If it’s after the 1st, we’ve already run billing. We’ve collected your membership dues, and are planning on your use of the gym this month. You can submit a Member Change to Freeze or Terminate your membership on the 1st of next month.

  • I used to be a member, but I'm not anymore. Do I still have to pay an initiation fee when signing up for a new Monthly Autopay membership?

    • Our Monthly Autopay memberships come with an initiation fee. If your prior membership was terminated, you will have to pay a new initiation fee in order to start up a new Monthly Autopay membership. In order to avoid this in the future, consider freezing your membership, rather than terminating.

  • I didn’t use the gym much last month, can I have my money back?

    • We’re unable to offer a retroactive membership freeze or termination. On the bright side, your membership is still good this month! Perhaps you could take a look at our class schedule in order to make the most of your membership dues?

  • My credit card expired, and I didn’t pay my dues, but I also didn’t use the gym that much this month. Can I just not pay for it?

    • We need you to hold up your end of the bargain so that we can hold up ours. In order to remain a member in good standing, you must update your billing information and clear your outstanding balance. If you’d prefer to terminate, you’ll need to update your billing information, clear your outstanding balance, and then terminate your membership.

  • I moved to Thailand 6 months ago and forgot to cancel my membership. Can you refund me $500?

    • First off, congrats on moving to Thailand! Unfortunately, Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable. Members are not paying for their use of the gym, but the access to it - think about it like a Netflix or Spotify subscription. We do hope you’ll visit next time you’re in town!

  • I’m a Prepaid Annual member. Why can’t I Freeze my membership?

    • Our Prepaid Annual members have committed to a full year of membership, and received a generous discount as a result. We are unable to further discount these memberships by offering a Membership Freeze.

  • My child is on Team Bridges. Why can’t we freeze their membership?

    • We work hard to make Team Bridges affordable, because we believe that everyone deserves a chance to experience the life-changing benefits of rock climbing. In order to keep our pricing affordable, we need to keep our program full. While it’s ok to take a break now and then, we need to keep charging your dues in order to maintain your child’s spot on Team.

  • My child is on Team Bridges. Do you really need 30 days notice to terminate their membership?

    • See above. While we do maintain a waitlist of children who would like to join Team, not everyone is a good fit. 30 days gives us a reasonable amount of time to fill your child’s spot in the program.

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