Reopening Updates

We have a couple of pretty major surprises in store for you, and we can't wait to share.


First off, we've re-set the entire gym with brand new boulder problems. We've split the bouldering floor into distinct climbing areas, so it's easy to keep your distance. We focused on providing a variety of high-quality boulder problems in each style, and we think there's something for everyone. There's even a Dyno wall. Yup, get ready to jump!


We've replaced the V-Grade System with our own Circuit Grading System. Instead of each problem being assigned a grade sucvh as V4, V5, or V6, it will be assigned a range such as V3-V5, V4-V6, or V5-V7. There are many reasons that Bouldering gyms across the country are adopting Circuit Grading Systems, but we'd like to talk about just a few here.


You may have noticed already, but we think that V-Grades are pretty subjective. For Head Routesetter Jessie, a srcunchy, crimpy V7 feels like V4-5. For General Manager Kenneth, a V8 dyno to pinches feels about V5-V6. Height, weight, age, gender, body type, strength, and experience all play into how hard a problem feels, and this subjectivity often leads to disappointment, unmet expectations, dashed hopes and dreams, and generally bad feels.


It's far too often that we let ourselves as climbers get boxed in by grades. How many times have you said to yourself, "oh I can't climb V6, I'm not one of the Team kids," or even "I should be able this V3 if I can climb that V3?" These barriers are often no more than mental blocks we've put up ourselves, and the best solution we've found is to challenge yourself with something a little outside your comfort zone.


We think our new Circuit Grading System is a little more honest, a little less subjective, and a little more accessible. We also know it's going to help us offer a better spread of boulder problems and climbing styles that are accessible to different ability levels. You'll not only have more fun climbing with us, but we think you might even progress faster. We can't wait for you to try it.

South East

10 New Problems, V1-V9 - Set April 7th, 2021

North East

10 New Problems, V0-V8 - Set April 17th, 2021


9 New Problems, V0-V7 - Set May 8th

World Cup Weekly Problems Set May 31st

Top Rope Wall

13 New Problems, V0-V8 - Set May 1st


13 New Problems, V0-V10 - Set May 17th

West Wall

21 New Problems, V0-V8 - Set May 25th

North West

9 New Problems, V1-V8 - Set May 22nd

South West

13 Problems, V2-V9 - Set June 5th

Boulder problems should be creative, challenging, and fun.



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