We host a vibrant array of workshops + clinics that rotate monthly!

2/28 Restorative Yoga Sound Bath with Michael + Katrina 7:00-8:30pm *SOLD OUT*

The week has been long! You deserve time to ground down and reset. Join us for a deeply immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture the mind and body. Michael and Katrina are back to guide a special restorative yoga sound bath that uses heavy prop support, guided meditation, and a soundsational experience produced by crystal singing bowls to soothe the body and quiet the mind.

3/6 Chaturanga Workshop with Rachel

Maintaining shoulder stability is key to keeping your shoulders safe in Chaturanga. This workshop will focus on the importance of warm-up, including poses that teach the actions of Chaturanga. Most of the alignment mistakes that we make in Chaturanga happen because we don’t have enough strength to do the posture. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner who wants to refine and learn advanced variations, or a newer student to yoga, this workshop will help you feel stronger and more skilled.

3/13 Shoulder Health Workshop with Robert

Optimal shoulder health is a combination of mobility and stability: avoid burning out your shoulders in this 60 minute workshop. In this workshop you will learn about the mechanics and optimal functioning of the shoulder joint, and how to mobilize this joint without compromising its integrity. This is excellent for maintaining shoulder health and mobility and preventing shoulder injuries. Attendees will participate in gentle movement and learn take-home exercises for maintaining shoulder health for sustainable climbing.

3/20 All Levels Yoga with Guided Breathwork + Meditation supported by Jessie

Infuse your yoga practice with intention and purpose! This 90-minute practice is designed to challenge limiting beliefs about what your body is capable of, explore the power of the breath to find spaciousness and depth in poses, help you feel ease and relaxation in the body and ultimately prepare you to sit comfortably in body and mind for guided meditation.

3/21 Intro to Weight Lifting with Cyrus

Looking to build strength, but in need of a little guidance? We’ve got you covered! 

Hosted in a small group setting, join Cyrus in this 90 minute workshop to get you feeling stronger and more comfortable in the weight room! When coming to this workshop, ask yourself what fitness level you seek to obtain. With Cyrus’ knowledge, he will support you in developing a workout you can abide to consistently that moves you towards your goals. This includes warming up, form, stabilization, power, mindfulness, and drive.

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