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We host a vibrant array of workshops and special events that rotate each month!

Establishing Equilibrium Workshop with Rachel
Hosted in the Yoga Shed 
Sunday, March 19th 12pm to 1:30pm

Every breath, every movement, every thought, shifts our internal experience. The ritual and habit of practice can become stagnant. The importance of realigning and reawakening your inner senses is key to keeping your practice fresh and evolving.

This workshop will focus on standing balancing poses, philosophy, and exploring the teachings of sama, an experience of inner peace and equanimity.

This practice is geared towards people aged 16+.

Intro to Boxing with Zabe
Hosted in the Fitness Room 
2nd Sunday each month from 11am to 12pm

Learn the fundamentals of boxing! In this class you'll become proficient in foot-work, rotational power, striking, and catching with focus mitts.


The class caters to people who have never boxed or to those who need a refresher. After, you'll have the basic skills necessary to feel confident in the regularly offered boxing classes at the gym.


This is NOT a prerequisite for the regularly scheduled boxing class but it is helpful.

This practice is geared towards people aged 14+.

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